Cosmetic Dentistry / Bonding:

The quality of your smile says a lot about who you are. A sincere smile with white, straight, beautifully shaped teeth sends a different message than an equally sincere smile with noticeable fillings, decay, chipped or discolored teeth. First impressions are lasting. Cosmetic Bonding provides a solution that will improve the overall appearance of your teeth and enable you to make a glowing first impression and rediscover a more youthful, healthy smile.

Bonding recreates natural looking teeth

You don't have to live with chipped, cracked, stained or discolored teeth. Advances in cosmetic dentistry have created many solutions to fashion your picture-perfect smile. The color and shape of your teeth can be changed to create a new whiter, brighter smile and a more youthful appearance.

Cosmetic Dentistry / Whitening:

Your habits can affect your smile! Tobacco use and drinking red wine, dark berry juice, coffee, tea or cola over time shows in your smile. Teeth that are stained and discolored detract from your overall appearance, while sparkling white teeth can dramatically improve your face value! Whether your style is classically elegant or denim casual a great smile, free of unsightly stains, improves the appearance of your teeth and adds a healthy glow to your overall appearance.